Love this game. Play PvE mostly, but am not adverse to PvP. Love strikes and raids. Add me, invite me, and I would love to help out, contribute, or simply share a few laughs!

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amazing bullet catcher lmao

pedant, destiny addict, microphone, moose

warlock, titan, xbox one, hunter

sherpa, titan, legend, warlock, hunter

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BraveSir Paul

casual, parents, parent, titan lover, aussie, pve

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titan, hunter, warlock. raider, pve, pvp, sherpa and just all round good guy.

all the things

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raider, nightfall, microphone, ps4, all classes represent, relic runner

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strikerlife, i get better loot than dreamer, rip death from above, mida love is the only love, having fun and shooting aliens since 2014, up for anything

Main dtg guardian hunter

hunter, warlock, xbox one, titan, not great at pvp but love playing it, weeklys