I’m chill. I’m a grown human. I know what I’m doing and if not, I can learn fairly quickly. Love sunsets and long walks on the beach. xoxo in

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hunter, warlock, titan, microphone, xbone

RaZe Is GoD

400 hunter, 400 titan, 400 warlock, gaze graber, relic runner, sword bearer


profanity required, good time seeking, unserious

Shikyo Keibatsu

1337 scrub, warlock primary, raid seasoned, profanity ok, pve, college student


morefunthanfancy, wait, what?, i fell, chill, fist-of-panic-warlock-blade-dancer, shade-step-titan

profanity ok, parent, manchild


profanity ok, teacher, raid pve, hunter, warlock, titan, team player, super chill