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Fresh start, then boss x3. Priority to the irregulars and those who don't have Eyes yet.



pvp, pve, profanity

A Rusty Rocket

sherpa, 3 hour limit, profanity ok, pvp, pve, titan


raid rookie, i repeat, raid rookie 😁, i won't ever quit, fun over everything, i was 22 in 2000 aka parent age, completionist

capn bubbles

pvp, pve, profanity ok, raider


pvp, xbox one, pve, microphone, parent, raid rookie

Kain Maxim

hunter, microphone required, hardcore, competitive, play 10+ hours a week, beginners welcome


most likely to fall off the nearest edge, chill and patient, profanity ok, here for the giggles

profanity ok, parent, raid rookie

mic, titan, uk, xbox one