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All players and skill levels welcome! Kalli red border farming. Never done this but it looks easy. New Titan shotgun arms buff with acrius and slugs is great or golden gun. Time limit can be decided by group.

All players and skill levels welcome! Chill blind run at dungeon release; guardian rank 69 gamers only; Xbox party chat



weekly, dailies, pve, raid, sherpa, xbox one

pve, pvp, hunter, titan, and warlock


parent, warlock, raider, titan, sherpa, profanity ok


sherpa, pve, pvp, parent, all the stuff to do all the things!


who wrote this stupid tag?, my hunter has joined the family...now time to raid, bla bla bla bla........ :-), have a mic

silent al69

profanity ok, technology, music, pvp, casual, adults only


sherpa, always willing to help, pvp sharpshooter, sherpa, profanity ok

raid rookie, pve, profanity ok

play 10+ hours a week, xbox one, weekly challenges, microphone, technology, hunter