Hey Jawz what`s that chirping in the background? It` a goddamn smoke detector,the batteries are hard as hell to find but for real I`m to lazy to change them......HammerNovaShadowShot GO!

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A Bed Thief

beginners welcome, profanity ok, wolfpack, gaze holder, kf relic runner, pve

parent, pve, pvp


experienced raider, profanity ok, parent, sherpa

warlock, hunter, majestic dancer, super casual, no friends, older dude


sherpa, yes,if you hear it,i am most certainly watching rick and morty, profanity and liquor is almost certain, everything you said,is what she said, pvp? no please i suck

xbone, ps4

pve, profanity ok, there is no carol in hr, mac. this office is a damn ghost town, pvp

parent, pve, raid rookie


profanity inevitable, asshole, sherpa, lore seeker, completionist, titan

Vulcaria Tors

hunter, xbox one, profanity ok, music, pve, microphone required