Know all the patrol areas. I raid...sometimes. If there’s a redbar I’ll kill it no matter the cost. Some say I talk to much, but I just have so much to say I need to get it out. Even after the explanation I’m still likely to not know what’s happening. DPS stands for Destroy Pesky Scions so I’m solid in the shadow realm. Take me on a raid at your own risk 😉

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raid rookie, pvp, pve

Main vtx xavi

ps4, raider, microphone, sherpa, profanity ok, parent

Main emblem

call me "awk", pve, pvp, raider, ps4, chill

Main boxer 2

pve, pvp, profanity ok

Main file

pvp, titan, hunter, warlock, pve

Main 040101 f 6449c 014

bastard executioner, bullet sponge, holy hand grenade, trained killer, insane in the membrane, sherpa

Main 1737105

pvp, profanity ok, pve, not a parent, teamwork, good communicator

Main 20993995 10154733379175796 5561618470391191728 n

hunter, warlock, titan master race, raidlovinsonuvabitch, parent, profanity ok

Main destiny the taken king darkblade

main titan, ps4, microphone

Main hqdefault   copy

3rd week player, parent, chill raider, this is a no squeaker zone!