Relaxed Hunter main with alt Titan and Warlock. Looking to enjoy my Destiny sessions. Happy to learn and teach. Just bring a good attitude. Ability to laugh at self caused mistakes a bonus...... I laugh a lot.

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sherpa, casual, beginners welcome, ps5



pve, mic, titan, hunter, warlock, d1 raid vet

stuff... things..., easygoing


profanity ok, pve, pvp


day 1/year1 raider player, hunter, warlock, sherpa

warlock, microphone, ps4, hunter


saint 14 apostle, rng jesus, be chill, have fun, 1k voices, threat level



my hunter does this invisibility thing almost anytime, not too useful but cool looking., my titan occasionally builds this protective orb that she can walk through, kinda op but whatevs., i have most of the cool stuff in the game like the beowulf shader, point emote, clown horn, and even a kestrel class ship, so yeah i'm ready for anything., one time my warlock revived herself, with nobody around, kinda helpful in hardmode stuff.