I am a meat shield bullet sponge and occasional a**hole. I prefer having fun to winning but I also like to win. I always try to play with respect and honor... unless I'm playing against friends in which case I'll happily go full troll. I play to relax and have fun. After all, they're just video games and if they're not fun and relaxing, why bother?



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Acid Zero One

sherpa, being awesome, warlock, hunter, crucible, weeklys


bbq mad scientist, dog dad, good listener, night owl, titan, warlock

Capt Obvious 26

microphone, warlock, titan

all the toons, cannon fodder, not a rager, parent, profanity ok, epcd


guardians just want to have fun, epcd - delta force, just good enough to skate by... some of the time

warlock361, titan362, pve, profanity ok, hunter360

Eric vonEric 68

titan, sherpa, xbox one, hunter, warlock, mostly successful at being laid back


parent, titan, warlock, hunter, xbox one, pc

In The Trenches

sherpa, profanity ok, parent, hunter/titan/warlock


parent, pve, pvp, profanity ok, lmao if anyone gets nailed by piston wall!