Hello fellow Guardians! I am a 34 year old Titan playing from Germany. I speak German, Japanese and English but I think that doesn't matter, since my gun does most of the talking. In game, you might think that I am terrible at jumping, but that is because of my own hard mode: hold the controller upside down. We have a great community, let's keep it that way. See you in game!

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ps4, hunter, warlock, titan





weekly challenges, microphone, ps4, parent, failing is an option, pvp ninja wannabe

parent, warlock, titan, raider, ps4, bladedancer, profanity ok

ps3, ps4, parent, headset, titan, warlock

makemevibrateifi'mafk, fashion warrior, main looter, rumdrinker

hunter, warlock, titan, pve, chilled, mic


i_love_blinking_i_do, can_you_draw_your_directions_on_a_whiteboard_please, iron_banana, milk_no_sugar_thanks, just_call_me_mr_palpatine, poe

Hanzee Tripoli

casual, pve, chill, patient