Play for fun, will play with any level, up or down, don't mind how many times people die, mostly PVE as I suck at Crucible. Play in the evenings / weekends when I don't have other stuff going on. Happy to meander through strikes shooting stuff. If you're a keyboard general I'm probably not your guy. Happy to help on anything (levelling, strikes, bounties) if I'm available...apart from washing dishes...I don't do the whole 'washing dishes' thing. Profanity encouraged....unless you're under 18...then it's bad, very very bad...and you should be reading or getting slapped for inappropriate behaviour by whatever gender rocks your world rather than letting video games rot your mind :)

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ps4, hunter, warlock, titan





profanity ok, warlock, titan


but a drama ain't one.


pve, ps4, microphone

#tom, variety, ps4, warlock, microphone

parent, warlock, titan, raider, ps4, bladedancer, profanity ok


pve, pvp, chill

profanity ok, parent, pvp