As a dad of a young child, balancing time with the family, work, other hobbies and Destiny can be challenging. I usually play in the evenings for an hour or so and in the weekends. It's easier to get permission if I have advanced warning ;-)

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most likely to fall off the nearest edge, chill and patient, profanity ok, here for the giggles


if you enemy speaks with a blade, master the sword., i'm mediocre at best

Orochi uk

parent, spanker, silly walks, whisper help, profanity ok, ex-sherpa


titan, pvp, pve, warlock, hunter, sherpa

pve, pvp, warlock, titan, hunter, xbox one


casual, profanity ok, raid, pve, pvp, strikes

xbox one, raid rookie, pve, pvp, profanity ok, microphone

wolfven kutamo

warlock, sunsinger, xbox one, profanity ok

xbox one, hunter