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All players and skill levels welcome! No experience necessary. Just asking for patience as people might want to try roles out. Xbox party chat.

This one is not a Sherpa run. We will be completing two triumphs that increase chances at the exotic shotgun. An all strand all warlock run. Please be experienced for this one (Sherpa runs later in the week).

All players and skill levels welcome! Last chance before reset for the raid gear/pinnacles. Xbox party chat

  • 07:00 PM EDT - SUN 03/19
  • Xbox
  • Delta Company 396
  • Mic required
  • 5 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

Normal Vow Raid. Preference to clan members and friends. Must be able to join party chat

Fresh run be chill have fun. XP not necessary just mods, and DPS with feeling...



pc, parent, titan, ps4, hunter, raider

titan, xbox one, pve


raider, hunter, warlock, pvp


gun collector, titan, microphone, hunter, warlock, raider

warlock, titan, hunter, microphone