I have been playing since destiny 1 came out and I love to play with ppl that want to have fun and want to get things done. I have all 3 gardians, love to raid, nightfall, strikes, play Gambit but not to much crucible.

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  • 05:00 PM PDT - FRI 03/24
  • PSN
  • The Smoking Orbs
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

Friday fun run. All welcome but priority to the Friday crew


raid rookie, pve, profanity ok


sherpa, pvp, pve, no profanity, parent


competitive, pve, casual, profanity ok, pvp, play 10+ hours a week


profanity ok, pve, pvp, hunter


hunter, titan, warlock, microphone, ps4


parent, sherpa, raider, division, dark zone

ps4, gunslinger, weekly challenges, pascifistdolphinshark, raids

play 20+ hours a week

ps4, microphone, titan


sherpa, mature, mic