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Looking for the best Helldivers 2 App? Download our Helldivers 2 companion app and within seconds we'l match you with a great group of Helldivers 2 players where you can schedule gaming sessions, find players, and much more.

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How Does Our Helldivers 2 App Work?

Don't settle for playing Helldivers 2 with randoms.

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    Enter Your Basic Info

    Things like when you play, your age, if you're a casual or competitive player.

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    Get Matched Into A Group

    We'll automatically match you into a group of 100 similar players.

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    Schedule and Join Games

    Use our Helldivers 2 app to communicate with your new group, schedule and join games, and socialize.

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Download our free Helldivers 2 app and we'll have you matched in a group in seconds.

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