Raid - Marathon: Leviathan Eater Spire Crown Scourge

Charlie Company 957

time to get this bread folks

Mic required
No level required
4 Players / 6
2 reserves


Main download
K0atti 76561197997428431

parent, technology, sports, gardening, play 20+ hours a week, pve

Default avatar
Syner 76561198018435346

Main rms71
suttungur 76561198388100971

sherpa, pve, parent

Main 0d763fc0eec6d4f69fbd3563676ecc3b
gr1mmj0w6 76561197974180242

pvp, parent, pve

reserve players:

Main il 570xn.1671630697 ducr
soy 76561197984131447

blueberry but i strive to be more, pve, pvp, raid rookie, profanity ok

Default avatar
StingrayJackson Stingray Jackson

raid rookie, pve, profanity ok

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