Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

Everyday Player In Combat

Sunsetting weapons? More like sunsetting Zulmak. Run to the boss and then one phase the boss 3x. Like Drifty Boi says, Hive. Bring a sword.

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
3 Players / 3
2 reserves


Main file
grimjack9017 Grimjack9017 creator

profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan

Main skull moneybox with headpones sunglasses 4

parent, pve, pvp

Main v9ebl5jobqt23ox5oxpm

warlock, hunter, titan, pvp, pve

reserve players:

Default avatar
Aries4768 Aries4768

pve, profanity ok, raid

Default avatar
Tomo lfc63

pve, profanity ok, parent, can anyone hear an echo

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