Raid - Garden of Salvation

Black Fire Crew

Please come with 3+ clears. Looking to do a quick run and knock out the challenge! We'll group up on Discord 10-15 minutes before: /join 76561198053062377

Mic required
Level 920 required
4 Players / 6


Main 3e27bbb7b46ca541df068c5d9336fc2a
Horncliff 76561198053062377 creator

pve, pvp, raid, profanity ok

Default avatar
Fashnik 76561198001477021

raid veteran, adult, profanity ok

Main online
Siloxis 76561198043769953

pvp, pve

Default avatar
usmc1 76561198964296095 - USMC1

sherpa, xbox one, mic, raider

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