Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Sundog Gaming

Cabal Gladiator in a diaper getting clapped by his father. Hosted by the Sundog Sherpa Team. Voice chat on the Sundog Discord server

Mic required
No level required
5 Players / 6
2 reserves


Main r95wo hurmph
X creator

what tags

Main img 20141130 123211941
PoiPlexed PoiPlexed

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USSPikachu 76561198124220072


Main june 26 2012 033
Wind /join 76561198977377188

750 all 3 classes, swordbearer back in the day when we killed crota, sherpa, parent, relic runner, hoping bungie fixes d2

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Nguni Nguni

raider, raids, hunter, profanity ok, pve, pvp

reserve players:

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usmc1 76561198964296095 - USMC1

sherpa, xbox one, mic, raider

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Sir Sprockets 855071742

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