Raid - Crown of Sorrow - Gahlran's Deception CP

Everyday Player In Combat

Okay friends. Last night was a valiant, okay, mediocre effort. But, I now know the strat and just need 5 brave guadians to help me get there. WHO IS WITH ME? I have the cp!

Xbox One
Mic required
Level 741 required
6 Players / 6


Default avatar
Super Goon Super Goon creator

questionable motor skills, unbridled enthusiasm, occasional screaming children

Main d1d2b1ab e310 4c77 b6e5 348ff4f55302
Tactical PBR Tactical PBR

profanity ok, sherpa, pve, pvp


xbox one, warlock, microphone

UnixSkunk UnixSkunk

teachmeallthethings!, hunter, microphone, titan, warlock

Main sticker375x360 300x288

pve, pvp, profanity ok

Main warhog yellow
WarhogInShadow WarhogInShadow

hunter, pvp, raider, profanity ok, sherpa, pve

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