Raid - Scourge of the Past

Alpha Company 328

1fresh run and 3x insurrection prime

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
4 reserves


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SaltyOrchid1138 SaltyOrchid1138 creator

warlock, hunter and titan, casual player, pvp pve

Main tmp 8074 mark van haitsma mark van haitsma sleep stimulant in game 578348753
Exo Iron Lord Exo Iron Lord

profanity ok, titan, warlock, hunter, microphone

Main stretched 602644
Goldenfang Goldenfang

chill, sherpa, if you're gonna wipe you're gonna have to wait., if you shoot the cup before explanations are done i will leave, no hype music, profanity yes

Main img 1319

i'm gonna clutch it, pve, pvp, swear like a sailor

Main mark01
Fendruil Fendruil

sherpa, microphone, xbox one, blame claimer, damnit fen!

student, pint size deth masheen, pvp, squeaker extraordinaire

reserve players:

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DJock93AF DJock93AF

pvp, pve, profanity ok

microphone, xbox one, titan, defender

microphone, xbox one, titan, defender

Main image

pvp, pve, profanity ok, i have experience in preaty much anything and everything destiny can through at me and given enough prep time can come in preaty clutch expecaly in trials.

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