Quest - Outbreak Perfected - Zero Hour Heroic

Echo Company 59

Title says it all. Need that catalyst, baby! Join up if you want to help a guardian out; or, join for the head-bangin', rage-inducing, frustration fun-fest!

Mic required
Level 740 required
3 Players / 3
3 reserves


Main robert redford sundance kid
SundanceKid303 creator

raider, chill, ps4, xb1, joker, dp*dps

Main ichigo  3
Rath10 Rath10

warlock, microphone, titan, hunter, void, solar, arc, profanity ok

Main 07a7cfcf 0e7c 4209 8d63 1d4c8aa3664c

parent, pvp, pve, profanity ok, raider

reserve players:

Main 85a5cd6e 0d4c 4853 ad3e 9a9ef7ba97b3
Icnbaw Icnbaw

cashual, family first, parent

Default avatar
highrollintg23 highrollintg23

profanity ok, raid enthusiast, gambit, pvp, pve, parent

Main file

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