08:00 PM Destiny 2 - Raid - Scourge of the Past

Looking for an easy going group to run the raid and then do the boss 3x for increased chances for Anarchy. Maybe 34 is my lucky number.

Sending Invites: grimjack9017
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    grimjack9017 Xbox One: Grimjack9017 750

    191 karma profanity encouraged, warlock, pve, hunter, titan, pvp

  • Ghost 75

    bigboyd75 Xbox One: bigboyd75 750

    78 karma profanity ok, raid rookie, pve, parent

  • Ef35b2f0302b49405c884e6c65b0e7e1?s=200?d=404

    cry0plasma Xbox One: cry0plasma 750

    7 karma pve, profanity ok, parent

  • Ghost 75

    oddworld18 Xbox One: oddworld18 750

    10 karma hunter main, destiny vet, parent, pvp, profanity ok, pve, lapsed raider

  • Ghost 75

    XxxSantaxxX6368 Xbox One: XxxSantaxxX6368 750

    191 karma parent, pve, profanity ok, all requirements, all maxed up, mic, xb1

  • Thumb lukcy basartd ale stone brewing beer label

    Lukcy Basartd 750

    303 karma have fun and get it done, sherpa, pvp, ipa, profanity ok, pve

Reserve spots
  • Thumb profile image 180201

    Sedwerd Xbox One: Sedwerd 750

    123 karma hunter, pvp, warlock, pve, titan, parent, profanity ok, epcb

Game over

The game creator, grimjack9017, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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