Raid - Last Wish

Boom Squad

Happy Triday! This week's triumph will be Thunderstruck (Complete each encounter using only Arc subclasses)

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
3 reserves


Main z logo
Zinthos Zinthos creator

pve, pvp, profanity ok, sherpa

Rave_Winchester Rave_Winchester

warlock, raids, pve, profanity ok

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mrjw35 Mrjw35

titan, ps4, striker


microphone, titan, warlock

Main erik

undying, reckoner, mmxix, chronicler, cursebreaker, wayfarer

Main 843aabad d9b9 4b24 bcad e4654af7edd3
SouthpawMC SouthpawMC

gtfoh (get that frustration outta here), anybody have a res ?, that’s a wipe, shadow, blacksmith, raider

reserve players:

Main 1f5a9dfa 6871 45c5 90f6 7f003c22c61b
Drathro81 Drathro81

titan, hunter, warlock, raid, pvp, sherpa

microphone, ps4, weekly challenges, raid, pvp

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Muns Muns

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