Raid - Garden of Salvation

Bravo Company 30

Let's go for world first or second or third or six hundred twenty seventh.

Mic required
Level 750 required
6 Players / 6
2 reserves


Main eusebe
LapinEusebio creator

pve, occasional pvp, ps4, hunter, titan, a few guns

Main alright pipboy
Shrui Shrui

hunter, warlock, microphone, titan, occasionally sings in voice chat

Main small 20purple 20avvy

raider, no profanity, pve, destiny, casual, warlock

Main destinysets logo light opaque

profanity ok, pvp, pve, iron banana, seriously casual

Main profile

pvp, pve, experienced pvp, sniper, experienced raider, playing since alpha

Main images
Epic_tetus Epic_tetus

pve, raids

reserve players:

Default avatar

Main   profile

ps4, microphone, pve, warlock

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