Raid - Last Wish

Alpha Company 207

Looking to do a chill run with good people. Let’s try my favorite strat: Beat everything the first try. Works great! Unless it doesn’t. (In that case, 3-hr hard stop.)

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6


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Bryfen Bryfen creator

weekend raider, parent, pve, raid, relicrunner, alwaysswordingthings

Main ibe3eaq
Xerym Xerym

raid rookie, pvp, pve, hunter

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conqueror, harbinger, reckoner, all classes/subclasses, pve, pvp

Main img 1388
Seanesh Seanesh

chill, profanity ok, pve

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CincyRaz CincyRaz

blinking warlock main, still no nanophoenix, please replace the batteries in your smoke detector. we can all hear it, and it effects our ability to raid with you

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student, pve, raid rookie

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