My first time through. First 2 or 3 encounters. This is a chill run but everyone should take a look at a guide, especially if we don't get a sherpa. Please be 556+. 2 or 2 1/2 hour hard stop.

Xbox One
Mic required
Level 555 required
7 Players / 6


Default avatar
Super Goon Super Goon creator

questionable motor skills, unbridled enthusiasm, occasional screaming children

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Shrike IX

warlock, hunter, titan, pvp, pve

Main img 7467

headset, hunter, xbox one, warlock, titan, raider

Main file
mtxneoprime Mtxneoprime

sherpa, profanity ok, parent

Main screen shot 2018 10 08 at 8.22.43 pm
drunken schmee Drunken Schmee

profanity ok, pve, hunter main, raids

reserve players:

Main june 26 2012 033
Wind lookin4wind

750 all 3 classes, swordbearer back in the day when we killed crota, sherpa, parent, relic runner, hoping bungie fixes d2

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