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The Nine Situations | PS4 | serious | members: 104 | avg. age: 38 | mics required | parents | college students | Central Time (US & Canada)

The Nine Situations is a fun-loving, respectful environment for players of all types to find friends, form fireteams, and fight back The Darkness.

THE C0RNER | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 22 | avg. age: 40 | mics required | parents | London

'The corner is, and it was, and it always will be the poor man's lounge. It's where a man wants to be on a hot summer's night. It's cheaper than a bar, catch a nice breeze, you watch the girls go by...'

Ascended Valour | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 75 | avg. age: 35 | parents | college students | London

Most games are private for group members and then public for last spots if any appear. So join up to see our schedule! A tag to be worn by like-minded individuals that want to work as a hive mind. Where casual is embraced, yet we strive to improve and empower each other to that ever increasing level cap. From noob to elite, white to gold and young to old. As a group we play in most domains from Crucible to Raid with weeklies between. We have resident patrollers and members in most parts of the world. If that fits your bill, join up Guardian! Links to our Bungie.com clan page and our Discord server for chat are below.

Bridge Trolls | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 39 | avg. age: 34 | mics required

Be prepared to pay the toll. Yup we are never on time, some times we complete what we set it to do, and there will probably be some crazy lag issues. But we will be having fun and doing stupid things. So if you are expecting serious people, turn around and go back. Otherwise bring it on and bring your theme song, cuz shit just got real weird!

LDSGamers | PC | private group | casual | members: 41 | avg. age: 28 | mics required

We are LDSGamers.com Join our Discord! http://ldsg.io/chat

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