Raid - Scourge of the Past

Hive Fallen N Cant G'up

Hoping for Anarchy and mods! 🤞 I'd like to snag the sparrow race checkpoint and do that bit on multiple characters if possible (and folks have the time).

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
2 reserves


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Arathaert 76561198041691896 creator

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Monsi M-O-N-S-I

technology, adults only, parents, cooking, pve, casual

Main avatar 76561199007315895

follow me @, my wife thinks i play too much destiny, sherpa, profanity ok

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Cyber 76561198060826809

sherpa, pve

reserve players:

Main curly
TheCrunchyDragon 76561198291044997

pve, pvp

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profanity ok, raid rookie, pve

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