Names Caroline. I main a 364 light hunter feel free to add me as a friend on the 100 and xbox live and I'll add you back! I'm a casual/serious player who loves helping people out with their activities. Be sure to go on my profile and give me karma if I have joined your activity and found me as a good player and if you do think I'm a good player and you don't give me karma. Well.... you better watch your back I'm coming for you.



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army of one, rift player, raider, everyday player

pvp, raid, completion

Dangerfield Jr

pvp, pve

titan, hunter, microphone, pvp, pve, warlock

Drink Mt 10 DEW

xbox one, warlock, raider

sherpa, bomb ballsack co-founder, relic runner, swordbearer, xbox one, titan


raider, xbox one, pvp

professional scrota swordsman, atheon blaster, malice toucher, cheetah-like relic runner, experienced raider, lighthouse fodder

raid rookie, college student, hunter

microphone, everything:/, parent