Level 32 on all 3 classes. Always looking to do weeklies ASAP and try to run Crota/Vault Hardmode a few times too. Willing to help new players, just be honest about what you know and be willing to listen to advice. FYI Apparently searching for my name is a hassle. Add a message to my session or group and I'll look you up via psn.



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professional raider, best brand holder eu, hunter, warlock, titan

warlock, sunsinger, parent, microphone, ps4, pvp

warlock, ps4, weekly challenges, sherpa, communication, team priority

likes to shoot aliens, pew pew pew, middle-aged man


hunter, pve, warlock


ps4, raider, sherpa

titan (650), hunter (650), pvp, sherpa, microphone, ps4

hunter, defender, titan, weekly challenges, microphone, raider