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  • 05:30 AM PDT - SUN 10/17
  • Xbox
  • Alpha Company 807
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

Uncle Atheon was visibly surprised by the number of people interested in him. He wants to kick all our asses. Let's show him! Preference to the regular thrillseekers.



raid rookie, profanity ok, pve


enhance your calm, pc, xb1, happy to run relic, give me that emblem, pve


warlock, hunter, titan, lorehound, parent, raider


xboxone & ps4, pve


i suck at jumping but apart from that i'm almost average, , almost 😁!, old fart, but young at heart.

raider, microphone, forever334?

Jimmy Noe

ninja, pirate, aussie, xbox one, hunter, titan

KA Cobalt

pve, pvp, parent, profanity ok, xbox one

raid rookie, student


warlock, titan, hunter, parent, raider