TITAN MASTER RACE You want a bubble? I can get you a bubble. I can get you a bubble by 3 o'clock. WITH blessing of light. Level 34 Titan, warlock, hunter. Have a mic and use it. Not blessed with gjallarhorn but love thunderlord! Update: gally dropped in a nightfall, screw thunderlord! Update: The grind is real... I've got some weapons and some armor... Eh... I guess there is an artifact in there somewhere. I'm not really sure what's going on here. Update: I still eat crayons but everything else is new.



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mad hunter jukes, xbox one, microphone, zombie space magic johnson

Captain Raptor

titan, hunter, pve, warlock, xbox one, d1 raid sherpa

weekly challenges, nightfall, pve, warlock, hunter, titan

parent, pve, pvp

pve, pvp, titan and warlock


hates warsats, still can't use blink, relaxed, microphone

titan, xbox one, warlock, microphone


platypus, dies a lot, sporadic playing times, titan, striker, sunbreaker

microphone, hunter, titan, xbox one

pve, hunter, warlock, mic, titan, i hate my psn name