Serious runner who likes to complete the raid. Welcome to helping inexperienced runners. Let's laugh, poke fun at trillium zero, and kill Anything that stands in our way



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titan, microphone, sherpa, hunter, ps4


microphone, warlock, hunter, titan, parent


parent, pve, pvp, raids

parent, black spindle 317, pvp, mic, call out everything

Cywolve XD

ohio state, ohio, laid back, batman, spider-man, sherpa

xbox one, microphone, hunter

xbox one, @driftit420, relic runner, raider, 33 warlock, 33 titan

titan, hunter, profanity ok, parent, warlock

Grimace McRib

gauntlet runner, go bucks, hunter=master class, parent, beer=tasty

xbox one, weekly challenges, relic runner, raider