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handsome, microphone, cannot jump

microphone, sporadic playing times, parent, hunter, titan

profanity ok, female gamer and proud of it so get over yourself those that can't respect, titan,warlock,hunter, pve and pvp.


microphone, play 20+ hours a week, casual

creator of hit titles such as tuc tuc's revenge, plazinkos beard lashes back, and cranky don't touch me there.

warlock, ps4, pve, voidwalker, sunsinger, max gally

parent, laid back, pve lover, expert at getting owned in pvp, east coaster, titan mcpunchface, frabulous hunter, baby warlock

warlock, beginners welcome, microphone optional, casual, ps4, microphone


a dab'll do ya, likes long walks on the shores of time, name pronounced like the food