Almost always play solo so I'm looking to add a bit more fun to the game by being social and helping a team. Enjoy PvE and control in PvP.

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pvp, xbox one, raider, titan, warlock, hunter


play 20+ hours a week, hardcore, competitive, profanity ok, microphone required

noh face

casual, sporadic playing times, hunter, i don't always kill skolas, but when i do i have a near panic attack, bladedancer, really not good at this game


minty fresh casual, always outnumbered, never outgunned, i drink and i know things..., why sheep?, not a fun assassin, i ain't your girl


microphone, weekly challenges, raider

The Fist Lane

chuck norris and i both clog the toilet by going number 1.

hunter, clutch, 'dancer

UncIe Butters

lootcifer, troll, the funcle, certified douche canoe, profanity preferred, #cantstopwontstop


titan, hunter, sherpa, warlock, pve, pvp