I'm a seasoned destiny veteran with all three classes but only my Titan main is a high level. I love to play destiny with fun happy people who can work together well. Most of the time I can use a microphone but not all the time. I love to do all of the raids and PoE as well as Trials of Osiris. Feel free to invite me to games and I'll join if I can.



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hunter, warlock, mic, titan

hunter, microphone, titan, warlock, ps4


gunslinger, mic, parent, ps4

chill, profanity ok, mic

gally, sb, fang, voc, fv, blade dancer, defender, parent, sunsinger, warlock


parent, casual, pve, coe, nf, iron banner

hunter, raids, pvp, mic., trials


microphone, friendly raiding mate, uk, tom, can't jump with hunter 😡, 301-305


titan, microphone, ps4