I'm a casual hardcore Destiny gamer. I like to run any activities at any skill level. However I am "slightly" hardcore when it comes to Iron Banner. I also stream on Twitch from time to time, @Z_Crew_TD

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ec59 mod, wipe causer, profanity welcomed and encouraged

hunter, titan, warlock, relaxed

raid rookie, parent, profanity ok

eastcoaster, skolas-hater, swordbearer, microphone, sherpa


pvp, pve, titan, warlock, hunter


hunter, gunslinger, bladedancer, nightstalker, titan, defender


pvp, pve, profanity ok, warlock, voidwalker

pvp, pve, raid rookie, parent, profanity ok


pve, pvp, raider, microphone, ps4, profanity ok

sassy justice, 10 out of 10 fridays!, grade 10, why is this door closed?