My screen name Bomber Eight comes from my jersey number on my wheelchair rugby team the Boise Bombers. I had a spinal chord injury at the C-6 vertebrae while mountain biking back in 2000 which left me as a quadriplegic. Destiny and Destiny 2 have been great outlets and challenges for my lack of hand function. When I first started playing I could only strafe shoot. Using the scope took some getting used to. I couldn't aim and move at the same time because my fingers don't move independently. Imagine not being able to move your fingers or thumbs but your wrists wil pull up and down. Now pick up an Xbox controller and fight! I do have a pretty cool controller mount so I don't drop the damn thing all the time. I can usually hold my own in the game though but it can be rough in the Crucible. I'm always up for a raid!



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microphone, xbox one, hunter, warlock, titan

titan, warlock, hunter, microphone, xbox one, pve

raider, profanity preferred, top fun, casual, willing to sherpa


good natured banter, reliable, dry humor, occasional salt, pc


parent, hunter, pve, nightstalker


weekly challenges, gambit fanatic, raider, sherpa, pve


icebreaker :), raid, beer, profanity,, challenge, heroic strikes, nightfall, imago loop


microphone, xbox one, parent


sherpa, xbox one, mic, raider


"it is inevitable"