Kid at heart. Raid when I can.... Strike when I can. Wanting a good useable collection... Who knows when something is gonna get nerfed. If you see me I'll be throwing up Nova bombs all over the place....



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workinman, donebymidnight, upforwhatever

microphone, mental health counselor, hunter, xbox one

titan, microphone, hunter, warlock, level 34 all

relic holder, dungeon master, warlock, sword bearer, sunbro, sherpa


blend in with the shrubbery! !!, sherpa value is equivalent to a potato, hide and go seek genius, has plenty of 2x4s if you need one, xbone, student

the irish fuse

sherpa, nomad, microphone, raider, dad, pve > pvp


warlock, parent, easy going, hunter, titan, havingfun

microphone, xbox 360, hunter, 34