I am on Xbox, might try PC, but not sure if I'm going to buy all the expansions on PC unless they have a sale.

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Upcoming Games

Whisper mission (spot reserved for hawkwiz and mgarcia)

Sherpa Requested! I'm looking to do Divinity Quest to finally get divinity

Recent Games

Farming final boss for conditional finality drops!

Week 2 completion and Oracle

run for the exotic be chill have fun

Need exotic. Clan takes precedence


titan,warlock,hunter,pvp,pve,raider, profanity ok


available any time, nightfall, titan, fun, weekly, raid

El Possum

hunter, sherpa


pve, profanity preferred, pvp


hunter, titan, xbox one, microphone, adult, warlock

warlock, xbox one, microphone, max gally


pvp, pve, raid rookie

raider, warlock, defender

raider, hunter, titan, warlock, head set w/ mic, pew pew