Casual player, I can usually play 2-3 times a week for a couple hours at a time. Big on teamwork, looking for people who want to work together and have a sense of humor!

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no sexism, no racism, pve, pvp, try hard but chill about it


sherpa, parent, warlock, microphone, xbox one


bear, sherpa, parent

titan master race, no scrub strats, pvp, go cry about it

xbox one, @driftit420, relic runner, raider, 33 warlock, 33 titan

Duke of nachos

sherpa, warlock, sporadic playing times, microphone, xbox one, parent


parent, whispering eyes, atredeus, cookie-making-elves-that-live-in-a-tree, snipers w/ surplus 4 lyfe, gospel soul music

microphone, ps4, pve