I'm a very laid back and patient Destiny gamer. Hit me up if you need help with the strikes, nightfalls, and raids. I'm mainly a PvE player, but I occasionally play some PvP (IB). I like to meet new peeps who share the same interest as I do in this game.



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A Bed Thief

beginners welcome, profanity ok, wolfpack, gaze holder, kf relic runner, pve


parent, xbox ambassador

titan, hunter, warlock, microphone, parent

weekly's, raider, titan 34, hunter -34, sherpa, warlock (34)

all maxed characters, crota, weekly challenges, xbox one, microphone, parent

Boozo The Clown

profanity ok, murder/death/killer, your moms favorite hunter

BraveSir Paul

profanity ok, pve, titan lover, parent, aussie

titan, casual, pve, pvp, profanity ok, hunter


xbox one, microphone, hunter main, weekly challenges, raider, pvp and chill

titan, hunter, striker, raider, microphone, pve