I'm married. I swear a lot. I masterbate frequently. Smoking cigarettes is bad. I'm happy unless I go to work, run out of beer, play Destiny with Bmore0812, or drop a fart that makes my butthole itch. I like beer. I don't have swag. Sometimes I say "dude" or "bro" https://twitter.com/BanjoFrogNuts

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ps4, hunter, microphone, college student

warlockmasterrace, sherpa, microphone, titan, hunter

raider, microphone, hunter, thothmans bff


pc master race!, sherpa, trials, pvp, lock hunter titan, x3 on everything

31 warlock, ps4, titan, microphone, hunter, warlock

microphone, ps4, raider


warlock, ps4, xbox one

sherpa, warlock, parent, voidwalker


chill, profanity ok, warlock, hunter, titan, raider

microphone, pvp, titan, trials