Trying to make my Titan look fabulous. Still figuring things out in D2.



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Main tctd2 icon phoenix primary black

sherpa, division, divsion 2, destiny 2, pve, pc

raider, patient, all classes

benos will do, mainly pve, ps4, titan, sporadic playing times

titan, warlock, hunter, microphone, raider, weekly and daily strikes, crucible fodder, sherpa

raider, trap lord, sherpa

raid, parent, profanity ok, titan, ps4, sherpa

titan, hunter, warlock

ps4, microphone, pvp

Main 1f5a9dfa 6871 45c5 90f6 7f003c22c61b

titan, hunter, warlock, raid, pvp, sherpa

still learning, microphone, ps4, pve