Just a laid back guy looking to learn raids, nightfalls and enjoy all aspects destiny offers. I am open to gaming with players of all experience. Would love to find/form a group that can consistently play together to achieve awesome loot and “lore”. If you are a noob and solo player like me, I’m you gaurdian to help do anything. I would state my playing skills as average, I’m not the best but I could be the worst. Current xbox player and looking to start PC play sometime soon with cross save.

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parent, pve, profanity ok


profanity ok, pve, parent, pvp bullet sponge, xbox one

Ditch SG


beginners welcome, play 10+ hours a week, pve, pvp, competitive, casual


gardening, hunter, no profanity, raid rookie

pve, microphone required, casual, students, xbox one


hunter, casual gamer, microphone

whatever, pvp, raid, bounties, weekly challenges, pve