Addicted to Destiny 2. Grant me the serenity to accept that my wife doesn't get it, the courage to continue to play even though I get crap loot from time-to-time, and the wisdom to know when to turn off the PS4..

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Garden of Salvation - First encounter [x3] for a chance at getting the bow / with challenge (don't kill the cyclops). Chill session.



wonders if witches use spell-check?


warlock, hunter, titan, well-endowed and all around ass kicker, shit talker extraordinaire, no fucking profanity

microphone, married, titan, not to bert, swordbearer, raider

parent, raid rookie, pve

i mash buttons, randomly, and with no consistency


swordbearer, sherpa, awesome sauce, parent, ps4, microphone


technology, play 20+ hours a week, adults only, relic_at_oryx, sherpa, warlock

touch of malice, prison runner, relic holder, trials runner, raider

ps4, titan, microphone, college student


mic, teamwork, chill player, raider, sherpa