Warlock / hunter, master raider grrl - awesome at PVE and ok at PVP

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relic runner, tourist, picker, sherpa, grinner, lover

fun comes first, xbox one, microphone, platformer of oryx/the sisters, gaze holder, aegis holder

Lukcy Basartd

adults only, casual, sherpa, pvp, ipa, profanity ok

pve, pvp, profanity ok, sherpa, queen’s wrath

titan main, raid competent, parent, pve, hunter alt


raid pro, pvp, pve, titan, hunter, warlock

Now Denial 666

space magic, xbox one x, day one, hunter, warlock, titan

Organized kaos

sherpa, pve, raid rookie, profanity ok


pewpew, xbox one, pvp, pve, parent, profanity ok