I play Destiny a lot and have a few random friends but I'd like a regular group of people who I can play with and get to know. I like to think I'm easy going. I play Destiny for fun, there's no point in getting angry and rage quitting if something doesn't go right. Why does this now feel like I'm on a dating site... :oP I'm often only between 3pm-9pm uk time, feel free to invite me to help out if you need a hand to do stuff.



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sunbro, praise the light, raider, pve, warlock, voidwalker

have fun and get it done., pvp, pve, 300+ war,hun,tit


sherpa, pve, profanity ok

parent, mic, profanity ok

pvp, college student, profanity ok, sherpa

raider, pve, pvp

profanity ok, raid rookie, pve

profanity ok, pve