I haven't been playing destiny since Osiris dropped, I could definitely use some pointers on the new stuff. Just looking for some folks to relax and have some fun with. Sometimes running strikes and playing stories. Maybe running some raids or even hanging out in the crucible.

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profanity ok, parent, pve

Caught U zzzzz

caughtugamin, sherpa, warmutt, joker, motivational speaker, raider


titan, warlock, and hunter, raid rookie, profanity ok


mod, relic runner, swordbearer, sporadic playing times, weekly challenges, raider


cc776 moderator, twitch streamer, army veteran, my hunter is sexy, warlock master race, network admin

profanity often, completed wotm normal mode, year 1 player, assuming direct control, hunter main, pvp


sherpa, pvp, pve

weekly challenges, raider, defender, striker

girl, raid rookie, fun