I always like to have fun, but I also like to get shit done. I am pretty laid back and serious at the same time. I can be a bit of a chatter box at times unless I'm all up in my head. I spend most of my time enjoying Destiny with my amazing wife MermaidSlur, playing PVE content, raiding being my/our favorite activity. I dabble a bit in PVP as required, but not really.

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titan, warlock, relic, sword

titan, parent, denfender

alt-warlock, alt-titan, ps4, hunter


sherpa, titan, warlock, hunter, ps4, casual


sherpa, look at that camping ass bear, git gud ursine scrub, sorry for rocking jester apogee, not sorry for rocking jester apogee, charming as hell, raider

parent, microphone, profanity ok

bladedancer, microphone, hunter


pvp, parent, profanity ok